* Certified Australian design and manufacture for trusted and reliable head protection
* Unique transparent design allows the wearer increased vision above
* UV400 polycarbonate ensures you cannot be sunburnt, and no damaging UV rays can penetrate
* TYPE 2 high heat rated polycarbonate for use in areas that have the risk of heat exposure to the wearer
* Premium 6 point comfort harness is made from terlyne that ensures comfort and cushioning and an adjustable ratchet for a secure fit
* Unique accessory slot ensures most 25mm and 30mm earmuff, visor adaptors, and the like fit securely
* Vents to improve air circulation, ideal for wearing in hot and humid environments
* Reinforced rain peak
* Pad printable in 8 areas up to 5 colours


NBCF Clearview Hard Hat with Ratchet Harness 

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